Adopted Dolls/Sprites

These are the dolls and sprites I've adopted from other websites. Visit the sites if you wish to adopt as well.

Chibi Land

These chibi dolls are from Chibi Land. You could only take 5 dolls, so deciding was pretty hard. There are tons of gorgeous dolls, so make sure you visit the site to see more.


Azha (dead) was one of the biggest sprite adoption sites. Among other anime/game sprites, it also had a huge Sailor Moon section.

Adoptable Sprites

Aoi has many cute sprites of various series.

Dragoon Adoptions

Dragoon Adoptions (dead) has some of the most gorgeous Sailor Moon sprites I've seen. They're both unique and extremely adorable. I just couldn't stay away from the manga wedding ones.


The sprites from Glitterbug (dead) are all amazingly detailed for their size. Some truly sweet sprites can be found here, not only of Sailor Moon.

Glass Temple

Glass Temple (dead) is one of my favorite pixel doll sites. Each doll is extremely detailed and colorful.

Roberta's Dolls

Roberta's Dolls (dead) is another doll site with some truly beautiful Sailor Moon fanart.

2 Pixel

2 Pixel is a site that has been around a long time, and has many beautiful dolls in its archive.

Yume Studio

Yume Studio is a popular doll/pixel site that houses many beautiful dolls.