Animation Styles: Kiyoshi Matsumoto


Kiyoshi Matsumoto (松本清) worked as animation director for the first season of the anime for a total of 7 episodes. His major episodes included the first appearance of Sailor Mars and the evil version of Endymion, along with Minako's past as Sailor V.

Some of his other works as an animation director includes The Kabocha Wine (1982), Goldfish Warning! (1991) and The Melody of Oblivion (2004). He also worked on key animation for the SuperS movie.



Animation Examples: Episodes

Episode 4: Ikuko, Kenji and Shingo.

Episode 4: Haruna.

Episode 4: Jadeite.

Episode 4: Sailor Moon.

Episode 10: Ami.

Episode 10: Rei.

Episode 10: Usagi.

Episode 10: Sailor Mars.

Episode 15: Usagi and Rei.

Episode 15: Luna.

Episode 15: Rei.

Episode 15: Sailor Mercury.

Episode 22: Kunzite.

Episode 22: Mamoru.

Episode 22: Usagi.

Episode 22: Usagi and Tuxedo Mask.

Episode 29: Zoisite.

Episode 29: Sailor Jupiter.

Episode 29: Luna.

Episode 29: Tuxedo Mask.

Episode 36: Minako.

Episode 36: Kunzite.

Episode 36: Sailor Moon.

Episode 36: Sailor Mars.

Episode 42: Queen Beryl.

Episode 42: Usagi and Sailor Venus.

Episode 42: Sailor V.

Episode 42: Minako.