Past, Present, Future

The Past

The beautiful Queen Serenity ruled the kingdom of the moon, the Silver Millenium. The duty of the kingdom was to protect the Phantom Silver Crystal and the Earth from evil powers. The queen gave birth to a daughter who she named Serenity. Four soldiers were assigned to the mission of protecting her, and they vowed to never leave her side.

The Silver Millenium was a place of peace, thus the visitor that came shortly after the princess' birth was highly unexpected. Her name was Queen Nehellenia, and she wondered why she had not been invited to the celebrations as she offered her hand of darkness to the queen. Queen Serenity rejected her and used the power of the Phantom Silver Crystal to seal her away into a mirror. As the evil queen was sealed away, she cursed the Silver Millenium. When the young princess became older, she recalled the event in her nightmares.

Serenity eventually grew up into a fine young woman, and she often gazed at the blue planet Earth. Upon visiting, she met the prince of the Earth and fell in love with him. However, a person of the moon was not allowed to be together with a human from Earth. Their love was forbidden, but they would both meet whenever they had the chance, unknowing of the cruel fate that awaited them. Beryl, a simple servant on Earth, was also in love with the prince. Her jealousy grew as she watched them together, and one day she would become the fall of the Silver Millenium.

From strange sunspots an evil being was born, and emigrated to the Earth in a mysterious meteor shower. At the dawn of the day the meteor shower was seen, Beryl found the evil being known as Queen Metaria. The evil being promised her the Earth and the universe in exchange for the powerful Phantom Silver Crystal. Beryl kneeled before her new ruler, and rose an army against the moon. During the attack, she attempted to kill the moon princess, but instead inflicted a mortal wound upon the prince who protected her. The princess committed suicide in grief, and Beryl's life was taken by the sword of Sailor Venus. Queen Serenity watched her kingdom collapse, and sealed away Metaria with the power of the Phantom Silver Crystal, saving the future.

The Present

The princess was reborn on Earth as Usagi Tsukino, but had lost all of her past memories. Her guardian soldiers and her lover Endymion was also reborn on Earth, and none of their memories remained intact aswell. During Serenity's civilian life on Earth, she met the cat Luna, who revealed her true identity. She met and awakened her guardian soldiers, found her lover and eventually reclaimed the position as the princess of the moon as the past came back to her.

Princess Serenity, as Sailor Moon, fought against her reborn enemies, the Dark Kingdom. Many hard battles took their place as Beryl, reincarnated as Queen Beryl, fought passionately against the sailor soldiers. Defying the curse laid upon them, Sailor Moon and her guardian soldiers combined their powers in order to eliminate Queen Beryl and the evil being known as Queen Metaria for good.

The Future

The 30th century is inhabited by the royal family and their guardian soldiers. The beautiful queen, Neo Queen Serenity, reigns over Crystal Tokyo together with her husband, King Endymion. Their child, Small Lady, dreams of becoming a lady like her graceful mother. Even though Small Lady is the heir to the throne, she is questioned and teased by the inhabitants of Crystal Tokyo. She lacked both the grace and the power of her mother, and was even accused of not being the queen's true child. During a meeting with two boys, they drove the little princess over the edge as they asked her to control the power of the Phantom Silver Crystal as proof for being the real princess.

A little while later, Small Lady snuck into the room where the Phantom Silver Crystal was kept and took it from its piedestal. At the same moment, Crystal Tokyo was attacked by invaders from outer space, the Black Moon. A huge explosion occurred, and the queen was instantly encased in protective Phantom Silver Crystal, but her guardian soldiers and the king fell. An enormous black monument appeared and began to draw away all energy and warp the fabric of space.

Small Lady decided to save her mother and the 30th century. She traveled to the past in order to find the invincible sailor soldier, Sailor Moon, and prayed Crystal Tokyo would be saved.