Animation Styles: Takayuki Gorai


Takayuki Gorai (牛来隆行) worked as animation director for SuperS and Sailor Stars for a total of 3 episodes.



Animation Examples: Episodes

Episode 165: Sailor Venus.

Episode 165: Sailor Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Mars.

Episode 165: Sailor Jupiter.

Episode 165: Prince Endymion.

Episode 165: Super Sailor Moon.

Episode 165: Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars.

Episode 165: Queen Nehellenia.

Episode 165: Super Sailor Chibi Moon.

Episode 171: Sailor Mars.

Episode 171: Sailor Neptune.

Episode 171: Usagi.

Episode 171: Sailor Pluto.

Episode 171: Sailor Venus.

Episode 171: Usagi.

Episode 171: Sailor Jupiter and Usagi.

Episode 171: Sailor Saturn and Queen Nehellenia.

Episode 175: Minako.

Episode 175: Yaten.

Episode 175: Taiki.

Episode 175: Sailor Galaxia.

Episode 175: Yaten, Seiya and Taiki.

Episode 175: Sailor Venus.

Episode 175: Sailor Iron Mouse.

Episode 175: Eternal Sailor Moon.