Animation Styles: Taichi Nakamura


Taichi Nakamura (中村太一) worked as animation director for Sailor Moon R, S and SuperS for a total of 20 episodes. He also did the three SuperS specials and the short for the R movie. His major episodes included the first episode of Sailor Moon R, Tellu's first appearance and the sailor soldiers' power upgrade in SuperS.



Animation Examples: Episodes

Episode 47: Al.

Episode 47: Usagi.

Episode 47: Sailor Moon.

Episode 47: Sailor Moon.

Episode 76: Prince Demand.

Episode 76: Esmeraude.

Episode 76: Sailor Mercury.

Episode 76: Sailor Moon.

Episode 93: Usagi and Ami.

Episode 93: Michiru and Haruka.

Episode 93: Sailor Moon.

Episode 93: Sailor Neptune and Sailor Moon.

Episode 121: Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.

Episode 121: Kaolinite.

Episode 121: Sailor Chibi Moon.

Episode 121: Tellu.

Episode 137: Chibi Usa.

Episode 137: Chibi Usa and Diana.

Episode 137: Hawk's-eye and Tiger's-eye.

Episode 137: Fisheye.

Episode 143: Chibi Usa.

Episode 143: Pegasus.

Episode 143: Fish-eye.

Episode 143: Sailor Mars.

Episode 148: Fish-eye.

Episode 148: Mamoru and Fish-eye.

Episode 148: Fish-eye.

Episode 148: Fish-eye.


Animation Examples: Attacks

Sailor Moon R: Crescent Beam Shower.