Animation Styles: Hiromi Matsushita


Hiromi Matsushita (松下浩美) worked as animation director for the first season of the anime. His major episode was the first appearance of Sailor Moon. The second episode he directed had a character based on him.
He is married to Kazuko Tadano, another animation director that did work on the Sailor Moon anime.

Some of his other works as an animation director includes Vampire Hunter D OVA (1985), Kingyo Chūihō (1991) and Sgt. Frog (2004).



Animation Examples: Episodes

Episode 1: Usagi and Luna.

Episode 1: Sailor V.

Episode 1: Queen Beryl.

Episode 1: Ikuko.

Episode 1: Usagi.

Episode 1: Luna.

Episode 1: Sailor Moon.

Episode 1: Sailor Moon.

Episode 21: Hiromi.

Episode 21: Sailor Mercury.

Episode 21: Zoisite.

Episode 21: Ami, Usagi and Rei.


Animation Examples: Transformations

Sailor Moon: Moon Prism Power Make Up.


Animation Examples: Attacks

Sailor Moon: Moon Tiara Action.