Animation Styles: Kazuko Tadano


Kazuko Tadano (只野和子) was in charge of character design and animation direction for Sailor Moon, R and the R movie. She did a total of 13 episodes, her major ones include the awakening of the Moon Princess, the final battle against Wiseman and the final episode of the first season.
She is married to Hiromi Matsushita, another animation director that did work on the Sailor Moon anime.

Some of her other works as an animation director includes City Hunter (1987). Kingyo Chūihō! (1991) and Un-Go (2011).



Animation Examples: Episodes

Episode 6: Jadeite.

Episode 6: Usagi.

Episode 6: Usagi.

Episode 6: Sailor Moon and Luna.

Episode 12: Thetis.

Episode 12: Usagi.

Episode 12: Rei.

Episode 12: Queen Beryl.

Episode 34: Usagi and Mamoru.

Episode 34: Usagi.

Episode 34: Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.

Episode 34: Princess Serenity.

Episode 46: Sailor Moon.

Episode 46: Prince Endymion.

Episode 46: Sailor Moon.

Episode 46: Sailor Moon.

Episode 46: Prince Endymion.

Episode 46: Queen Beryl.

Episode 46: Sailor Moon and Prince Endymion.

Episode 46: Princess Serenity.

Episode 58: Usagi.

Episode 58: Al.

Episode 58: Luna.

Episode 58: Minako, Makoto, Rei and Ami.

Episode 88: Black Lady.

Episode 88: Neo Queen Serenity.

Episode 88: Sailor Jupiter.

Episode 88: Sailor Moon.


Animation Examples: Transformations

Sailor Moon R: Moon Crystal Power Make Up.


Animation Examples: Attacks

Sailor Moon R: Moon Princess Halation.

Sailor Moon R: Shine Aqua Illusion.

Sailor Moon R: Burning Mandala.

Sailor Moon R: Sparkling Wide Pressure.

Sailor Moon R: Venus Love Me Chain.