Animation Errors: Sailor Moon S

Animation errors in Sailor Moon S, the third season of the anime.

Stock Footage

In episode 114, "Moon Tiara Action" has a crescent moon on Sailor Moon's choker for a few frames, instead of a heart.

In episode 121, "Moon Cosmic Power Make Up" is missing the heart ornaments previously seen.

In "Neptune Planet Power Make Up" Sailor Neptune loses her neck in a frame.


Episode 95

A man is missing the insides of his mouth.

Sailor Venus' ribbon is yellow instead of blue.


Episode 101

Despite having her brooch stolen earlier, Usagi is shown with a solid yellow brooch in the center of her ribbon.


Episode 106

Sailor Neptune's right glove briefly turns skin colored.


Episode 111

Sailor Uranus' symbol is upside down.


Episode 113

Sailor Uranus' tiara is missing.

The top of Sailor Pluto's garnet orb is mistakingly colored gold.

Sailor Pluto's choker jewel is dark blue instead of garnet.


Episode 114

U-Tahime goes from having no nail polish to black nails the next scene.


Episode 121

Sailor Moon has no tiara, and Jupiter's brooch is pink instead of green.

Sailor Moon's odango gems are the size of her entire odangos. Sailor Chibi Moon is missing her hair clips.

Sailor Venus is missing her tiara.

Sailor Chibi Moon's hair clips are gone.

Sailor Moon's odangos only get bigger and bigger in this episode.


Episode 122

Super Sailor Moon can be seen wearing the earrings of her previous form multiple times.


Episode 123

Sailor Jupiter's collar has the wrong stripe style.

Sailor Mars is briefly lacking the stripes on her collar.

Sailor Jupiter's collar has the wrong stripe style, and when she nods, the highlight on hers and Sailor Venus' brooch temporarily vanish.

Sailor Moon's odango gems are missing. Her brooch is also yellow instead of red with a yellow border.


Episode 124

The beads on the front of Mistress 9's dress are gone.


Episode 125

The beads on Mistress 9's arm disappear after she turns around.

Her right earring is missing during one frame. She also loses the crescent piece in another frame.

A piece of her tiara is missing temporarily.

The upper part of Mistress 9's arms have been colored blue.

She's missing her back bow.

The pearls on her earrings are yellow instead of white.

Parts of Sailor Moon are colored wrongly. Her left arm is in fact her hair, and her suit is actually her arm. The soles of her boots are supposed to be red.


Episode 126

Haruka and Michiru's Lip Rods are gigantic.


Episode 127

Sailor Jupiter's collar has the wrong stripe style.