Sailor Moon R: Heading Towards the Future

This is a collection of character-related songs from the Sailor Moon R season.

01 - Say You Love Me

Suki to Itte (好きと言って)

02 - I am Sailor Moon

I am Sērā Mūn (I am セーラームーン)

03 - Sharing the Same Tears

Onaji Namida wo Wakeatte (同じ涙を分け合って)

04 - Holy·Flame·Love ~Fire Soul Love~

Sei·Hi·Ai ~Fire Soul Love~ (聖・炎・愛 〜Fire Soul Love〜)

05 - A Maiden's Policy

Otome no Porishī (乙女のポリシー)

06 - I Want to Hold You

Dakishimete Itai (抱きしめていたい)

07 - Kiss the Starlight

STARLIGHT ni Kisu Shite (STARLIGHT にキスして)

08 - Route Venus

Rūto Vīnasu (ルート・ヴィーナス)

09 - Soldier of Love

Ai no Senshi (愛の戦士)

10 - Moonlight Legend

Mūnraito Densetsu (ムーンライト伝説)